Wing Sauce


A rich, buttery sauce with just a hint of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, that allows for the wings to speak for themselves. Choose between Original, Garlic, or Lemon Pepper.

Garlic Parmesan

This sauce says it all in the title. Packed full of garlic, blended perfectly with parmesan. Simple, yet oh-so delicious.

Honey BBQ

A classic BBQ sauce sweetened by nature’s own, honey. It’s thick, slightly smoky, and ends with that mouth-watering sweetness. You can’t go wrong.


Our take on this popular Asian sauce. A soy sauce base with hints of garlic and ginger. It’s tangy, it’s flavorful, it’s perfection.

Classic BBQ

It’s called Classic for a reason. This sauce is thick, savory, slightly sweet and loaded with flavor. It’s everything a Texan needs to feel right at home and will leave you licking your fingers!


Looking for that traditional Buffalo-Style taste with slightly less heat? This is the sauce for you. You get all the flavor, less tears. Choose between Original, Garlic, or Lemon Pepper.


Taking hints from our neighbors in Louisiana, we use a special blend of Cajun spices that leave your wings perfectly seasoned.

Carolina Gold

Sweet, Tangy, with just a touch of spicy mustard. Try it once and it’ll be your go-to on future visits!

Getting Hotter


Spicy with a hint of smoky, this sauce is for those in search of authentic chipotle flavors!


We start with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce as a base to give you a traditional Buffalo Sauce made from a premium blend of cayenne peppers that adds an equal amount of flavor and heat to your wings. Choose between Original, Garlic, or Lemon Pepper.

Thai Spice

A combination of Oriental flavors with a punch of spicy Thai Peppers. Full of flavor, backed with heat and always delicious!

Mango Habanero

Our Mango Habanero Sauce is packed full of goodness. Handcrafted for your enjoyment with sweet mangos, honey, and just a dash of habanero pepper creates an ideal sauce for traditional or boneless wings. Enjoy!

Sriracha Orange

The perfect blend of spicy Sriracha sauce and a sweet orange glaze. Packed with heat, it has a nice sweet finish. Each flavor profile is well balanced, making you wish you had ordered more wings!

Extra Hot

When hot just isn’t enough. When you need to kick it up a notch. We’ve got you covered. Choose Original, Garlic, or Lemon Pepper.


Strictly for the bold, the daring, and the brave. This sauce brings the heat and shows no mercy. We’ll bring the wings, you bring your “A” game. Choose between Original, Garlic, or Lemon Pepper.