Buy Ten, Get Ten - BreWingZ Sports Restaurant & Bar


Purchase ten traditional wings, an appetizer, and a drink and get TEN FREE BONELESS WINGS

Any day of the week!

What’s The Big Deal?

✓ The Big Deal is you can get something FREE, every single day;

✓ The Big Deal is this is a $10 Value, That Costs you $0!

✓ The Big Deal is now you can try our award winning boneless wingz for FREE!

✓ The Big Deal is Free is Free, and these are FREE!


Choose Bud 6 Pack or Pitcher, & get a second starter free!

WHAT A DEAL!!! Just to be clear….

Order Ten XL or Traditional Wingz, a starter, & choose a 6 pack or pitcher of Bud as your drink, we’ll give you TEN BONELESS WINGZ + A SECOND STARTER FOR FREE!

*LTO offers fo not include dressing or celery or applied to other daily specials. Valid every day! Only valid with the traditional or XL 10 pc wing order.

  • How does this work?


  • You order 10 Traditional Wingz (that you were going to order anyways), a starter (you were going to order this anyways, too) and a drink (a soda, or better yet a margarita!) and then we give you TEN FREE BONELESS WINGZ. ITS SO EASY!  Heres a few delicious examples:
  • 10 Traditional Wingz + Pickle Chips + Pepsi = TEN FREE BONELESS WINGZ.
  • 10 Traditional Wingz + Mozzarella Sticks + Watermelon Margarita = TEN FREE BONELESS WINGZ.
  • 10 Traditional Wingz + Fried Mushrooms + Michelob Ultra = TEN FREE BONELESS WINGZ.
  • 10 Traditional Wingz + Mango Habanero Shrimp + Dr. Pepper = TEN FREE BONELESS WINGZ.
  • 10 Traditional Wingz + Onion Ringz + Perfect Patron Margarita = TEN FREE BONELESS WINGZ.
  • 10 Traditional Wingz + Chickarrones + Bud Light = TEN FREE BONELESS WINGZ.
  • We could keep going, the combinations are endless, and they ALL = TEN FREE BONELESS WINGZ.
  • Now What Will you Do With All Those WingZ?

  • EAT THEM ALL – you deserve it
  • Maybe for lunch tomorrow.
  • Maybe just 5 minutes later because they’re hard to resist.<
  • Maybe just until you settle in and watch your new show on Netflix. NETFLIX & chill… More like NETFLIX & MEAL.
  • With your significant other (maybe… but maybe save them for yourself)
  • With a friend (maybe… but maybe save them for yourself)
  • With your kids (maybe… but maybe save them for yourself)
  • TRY A NEW SAUCE – they’re free anyways!  So experiment with one of our 25+ sauces and see if you like new one! New sauce idea..Thai Spice – A combination of Oriental flavors with a punch of spicy Thai Peppers. Full of flavor, backed with heat and always delicious! Carolina Gold – Sweet, Tangy, with just a touch of spicy mustard. Try it once and it’ll be your go-to sauce on future visits! Mango Habanero – Our Mango Habanero Sauce is packed full of goodness. Handcrafted for your enjoyment with sweet mangos, honey, and just a dash of habanero pepper creates an ideal sauce for traditional or boneless wings.

Enjoy! Want a bigger selection- we’ve got it. Go to our menu to view the HUGE selection!

Restrictions May Apply

  • Free boneless wings do not include additional dressing or celery.
  • The drink purchased may be non-alcoholic or with alcohol.
  • Only valid on an order of ten piece traditional wingz.